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We use a range of templates configured to enable us to produce beautiful websites. Below are just a sample of the types of templates we can offer our clients.

Landing Page Demo’s. Review just some of the templates on offer. We have over 100 to choose from. To see the full range of pages for a specific website template please contact the team at LWD.

Electrical Contractor Business Template

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This layout pack has everything you need to outshine the competition with a brand new website for your electrical company. With cutting-edge design and practical page layouts, you can easily promote your electrical services and showcase projects with elegance. And each page is optimized to make it easy for visitors to contact your company for business.

Carpentry Business Template

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The Carpenter Layout Pack focuses on making written content appealing to the eye. Each one of the pages contains high-quality images which you can use without any restrictions and by simply changing the content into your own, you can have a carpenter website up and running in no time.

Personal Trainer Template

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Personal Trainer. This template Pack has an energetic design combined with an impressive and practical content structure. The use of large glowing fonts and the striking background colors really grab your attention. All of the pages are specially crafted for personal trainers seeking to promote their services and memberships online. And with dedicated pages for class listings, the pack really has everything needed to get a beautiful site online in no time.

Recruitment Agency Template

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The Job Recruiter Layout Pack is designed to impress. All eight pages feature astounding typography design elements, custom graphics, and striking color combos. The pack has everything needed to facilitate the demands of any job recruiter site, including an employers page, a listings page, and a candidates page. Check it out!

Pages include: About, Blog, Candidates, Contact, Employers, Home, landing and Job Listing

Full design options available, including colour and font options. Support on process set up including content and systems.

Interior Design Template

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This interior design layout pack represents the core values of each interior design company out there; style and expertise. With eight elaborated layouts that contain stunning and unique images, this layout pack is ready to bring your interior design website to the next level. Each one of the layouts is a combination of some of the most desirable built-in options and looks great on desktop, as well as on tablet and mobile.

Restaurant Website Template

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This restaurant layout pack is designed to provide everything the average restaurant will need out of the box. Particularly the all important “hours of operation” information in the footer of every page. There is also a button in the hero section of the home page and the landing page for making a reservation, though you’ll need to install a booking plugin of your own to make that work. Similarly, there is a shop and blog that require you to upload content of your own before appearing. But once you do, the design settings of the layout pack take over and your products and blog posts will look just as stunning as the rest of your website.

Accountant Template

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The Accountant Layout Pack combines a stunning color palette with a clean and sober design style that will amaze your target audience. With 8 available layouts, including an FAQ and resources layout, you can provide great user experience and turn visitors into leads in just a matter of time.

Fashion ECommerce Template

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One of my favorite things about this layout is it’s flexibility. Changing the color scheme of the site would be really easy since all of the content areas have a white background. This makes it all the more flexible for your branding needs. I can see this being used by bloggers, small businesses, photographers, you name it.

But what really shines is how well it is built for e-commerce. The featured sections on the landing page organized and spaced nicely to showcase items on sale, by category, and popularity. The shop module is used throughout to display products in a way that matches the feel of the design. And I love the customizable promotional banners advertising “20% off” and “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”. The fact that they aren’t images and can be edited is a really helpful addition for an e-commerce site.

Doctors Office Template

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This Doctor’s Office layout pack is designed with a nice balance of clarity and creativity. The images are uniquely framed and offset with rounded (sometimes pill-like) multicolored borders. The blue and green accent colors are perfect for the medical niche. And the icons clearly represent certain medical services you may need. The key pages to this layout include the FAQ page, the services page, and the service page.

Plumbing Services Template

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The Plumbing Services Template will amaze both you and your visitors with its customised and unique illustrations that’ll make your website look highly professional at all times. On top of that, the clear page structures and CTAs are enhanced by some of Divi’s finest built-in design settings–leaving you with just some small tweaks to finish creating an entire plumbing services website.

Travel Agency Website Template

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Overall this layout is designed to look amazing out of the box. One standout feature in this layout pack is the CTA in the Footer on the Homepage. The use of parallax with those striking images are a beautiful combination. A similiar effect can be found at the top of the about page. Another thing that stands out is the way images are displayed. The layout purposefully let’s the photos speak for themselves which is what you want in a travel site. Plus, I can see those background images working well with different color schemes.

Football Club Template

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Introducing the NEW Football Club Layout Pack. This layout will help you ease communication between trainers and team players with its various pages and page structures that are meant to share content efficiently.

Plant Nursery Template

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The Plant Nursery Layout Pack with dedicated pages for showcasing plant services and selling products, you will have no problem launching a brand new plant nursery site in record time.

Cleaning Company Template

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The Cleaning Company Layout Pack is all about emphasizing the services your company offers. Besides having relevant high-quality images at your disposal, there’s also a vibrant color palette present. Be ready to expect a stunning design style that’ll represent your cleaning company in a professional and modern way while exploring this layout pack!

Car Dealer Website Template

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This Car Dealer layout pack is designed with a classic car dealer feel enhanced with modern design elements. The large font and color combo create strong calls to action. The listings page is remarkable in the way it structures content on each vehicle with all the buttons one would need to drive the user through the buying process. And the diagonal design elements used to frame sections are a nice touch.

Auto Repair Website Template

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This eight page auto repair layout pack puts the spotlight on the services you offer. With excellent service and services page layouts you can target your potential leads in an easy, clear, and direct way. On top of that, the high-quality images help you tell your company’s story in a professional and elegant manner.

Make Up Artist Template

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This layout pack is perfect for any kind of beauty, health or skin care website. The modern design style, the multiple layouts and high-quality images that are included will make it seamless to attract new customers in no time.

Bed and Breakfast Business Template

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Like any great bed and breakfast, this layout pack is both luxurious and organised with all the necessities. With clean and modern design, everything is laid out its proper place. Feature your rooms and suites with all their features and accommodations. Invite visitors to book a room. Let your visitors take a tour of your rooms with a combination of video and images. And more!

Business Consultant Template

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This Business Consultant layout pack is just what a consultant needs to market their services online. The landing page is beautiful. The services page has unique design features that make your services stand out. And the Case Study page layout has been thoughtfully designed to give the user just what they need. The overlapping technique used throughout makes those CTA’s really pop. Enjoy.

Gardening Services Template

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Looking for a layout pack that emphasizes your love for nature? The Garden Layout Pack does exactly what you’d expect. The clean and user-friendly design style will convince visitors to get in touch quickly. And with many custom icons (in different colors) and high-quality images within reach, you’ll be able to get a beautiful gardener website up and running instantaneously.

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